Life Sciences

DCM Life Sciences is the leading solutions provider for the personal care, homecare, and nutrition industries. It represents more than 50 principals who manufacture and supply a broad range of ingredients, additives and extracts used in personal care products in Malaysia and Singapore.

As our materials are contained in products consumers rely on every day – from sunscreens, toothpastes and shampoos, to moisturizers, lipsticks and fragrances – every measure is taken to ensure product safety, quality and innovation.

We work closely with our customers to develop new products and provide technical solutions. To sustain long-term business relationship with our customers, we continue to source for new and alternative ingredients.
Personal Care

Personal Care

We provide cosmetic ingredients to manufacturers in the personal care industry for various applications such as skin care, hair care, oral care, sun care and more.
Home Care

Home Care

We provide raw materials for homecare to manufacturers of household care items such as detergents, dishwashing paste and liquid, air fresheners, hand cleaners and more.


We provide food ingredients and additives to multiple food manufacturers of various sizes in Malaysia.

Personal Care

Skin Care

Skin care continues to drive growth in the industry. But not all skin cares is the same. Consumers have become more attuned to the value proposition of products they use, and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Many products now offer consumers tangible benefits in addition to aspirational benefits.

Our specialised range includes products that have real, measurable properties including functional and naturally derived plant extracts.

Sun Care

Increased awareness of sun exposure-related health risks coupled with broader incorporation of sun protection across various skin, hair, colour, and other categories has helped to spur the growth of the sun care market.

Hair Care

Enabling consumers to express themselves through their hair is the goal of all formulators, whether through styling, colouring, conditioning or other creative approaches.

Colour Cosmetics

The colour cosmetics market is growing, but only modestly when compared with other personal care categories. This is leading to increasingly competitive dynamics. Solutions that meet aspirational needs and deliver practical benefits will be the differentiating factor.


Our expert team can offer advice on fragrance evaluation and selection, market analysis and applications.

We are supported by world-class trend awareness, consumer insight, technical excellence and international regulatory expertise from our leading principal.

Functional Ingredients

Our extensive range of silicones, thickeners, stabilisers, scrubs and other functional ingredients allows your developers to create innovative formulations with excellent performance, feel and consumer acceptance.

Our experienced team is always happy to advise about formulations, legislative issues, market acceptance and best value.

Home Care

We are dedicated to help solve our customers’ challenges. We can source and deliver all the ingredients required to produce products in the home care industries. Through our vast technical knowledge of the home care industry, as well as our excellent understanding of our supplier’s products and their application opportunities, our local chemists and home care experts are best equipped to connect you as our customer with the right ingredients for your projects.


We are suppliers of fine quality nutritional and functional food ingredients. We continue to source new and innovative products based on current market needs. Our focus is to provide innovative solutions for our customers in the Nutritional, Nutraceutical, Functional Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness and Pharmaceutical.

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